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Where did the presents go?

If you spend less... then what? Spending less is hard when we think about what we spend as expressing our love. Have you seen your loved ones spend less? Abenaa Antwi is a senior Social Work major from Chicago, Illinois... Continue Reading →

Spend less to spend more…

How can we refocus during Advent to spend less money and spend more quality time with the ones we love? Rebecca Anderson is a sophomore Psychology student from Milwaukee, WI. She leads a Companion Group and is an X-Change site... Continue Reading →

When worship surprises you…

This Advent, how might worship surprise you? How might you expect to be surprised, and thus worship differently? Rev. Abby King-Kaiser is the Senior Assistant Director for Ecumenical and Multifaith Ministry in the CFJ. She is a mother of two... Continue Reading →

When in Rome…

Reflections on worshipping fully this advent Ese Obrimah is a junior from Lagos, Nigeria, currently serving on the Common Ground Team and as the president of the African Students Association.

The most wonderful time of the year

How might Advent be different for you this year? Join us in this Advent Conspiracy. Abby Anderson is the Coordinator of Service & Justice in the CFJ and a Xavier alumna. And, yes, Advent really is her favorite time of... Continue Reading →

Leaving or left Xavier? Stay in love.

(Greg Carpinello's speech for the Class of 2016 CFJ Magis Society Induction Dinner) 15 years ago, I was in your shoes – finishing a great four years at Xavier University and having all the feels… is that what ya’ll say... Continue Reading →

Hope Is Not Blind

  Watch this short video clip before continuing. “Wake up,” says a frustrated Dre Johnson to his wife Rainbow. “Don’t you get it, Bo? The system is rigged against us.” “Maybe it is, Dre! But I don’t want to feel like... Continue Reading →

Improve The Earth With Sacrifice

Lent is about sacrifices. I think. I don't know for sure, I'm not Catholic. I'm technically not even Christian. I identify as agnostic. But I have been attending Catholic schools since the sixth grade, so I know a thing or... Continue Reading →

Insecurity About Food Security

The invitation to write on the topic of food security for this year’s CFJ Lenten blog led to me feeling… well, quite insecure. While I readily comment on the injustices connected to the modern food industry in the United States... Continue Reading →

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