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Grow In Faithfulness

Lent can be a challenging time.  We are asked to fast from something in order to relate to Jesus’ experience for 40 days in the desert.  But this is easier said than done.  Most of us start off this liturgical... Continue Reading →

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Christmas Friends

Christmas is all about the love. And friends can show us that love in so many ways. Mallory Williams is a sophomore Digital Media and Advertising major from California. She is a member of the Common Ground Team.

Joy to the World

“May Christmas joy and burning love take root in me and grow until they bloom on Christmas Day, to carry joy to the world and inspire hope to renew the face of the earth.” This is a quote taken from... Continue Reading →

Joyful Choices and Angel Voices

“I need a silent night, a holy night. To hear an angel voice through the chaos and the noise…” It just so happens that the Advent season, one I associate with stillness, anticipation, and waiting, occurs during the busiest most... Continue Reading →

The Heart of Christmas

Tyler Norris is a sophomore Theology & Psychology major from Toledo, Ohio. He is the Common Ground Music Squad captain, so he has quite a few opinions about music.

No Greater Hope

Finding hope in the words, "Kellie, I love you." Kellie Goff is a senior Theology and Communications major from sunny Southern California.

Finding Hope in the Ordinary

“Hope is not at the expense of struggle but animates a struggle; hope gives us a sense that there is a point to working things out, working things through. Hope does not only or always point toward the future, but... Continue Reading →

Love Connects It All

Worship fully. Spend less. Give more. What does is all this matter if we don't love all? Alexis Santora is a senior majoring in Early Childhood Education. In her four years at Xavier, she's left her mark all over the... Continue Reading →

From the Mouths of Babes

Love all. It sounds simple, but we often forget what that really means. But children? They know what it's all about. Ashley Hardee is a junior Chemistry major from Lexington, KY. She is on the Common Ground team and will... Continue Reading →

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