So good to see so many of you at the Post Grad Volunteer Fair this past week. A wonderful space for connection, sharing thoughts ideas, dreaming of next steps and a future shaped and held by justice and compassion. It’s amazing to see so many students from the Xavier community open to a year of volunteering –students who are drawn in by the idea of engaging and learning from “marginalized” communities, students open to embracing the unknown with reason, intellect, heart, mind and soul. A year of service offers a unique opportunity to connect with communities, both nationally and internationally, that are often trying to make basic ends meet—those trying to find food, affordable housing, a quality education or work that recognizes the dignity of their person. The experience offers a chance to dig deeper into the complexity of larger issues with complete heart and mind, to gain new perspective and a chance to take a first step to envision a future where basic human needs are met.

Deciding what to do after graduation is often a space full of clarity and confusion all at once. Feel free to email me at or stop into the CFJ office—I would love to hear all of your post graduate ideas, questions, comments and thoughts this fall season.

If you are considering a year of volunteer work but were unable to be at the fair, you can learn about the organizations that were present by visiting the CFJ website.

Katie Varatta works in service & justice programming for the CFJ while Molly Robertshaw is on maternity leave. She is ambitious and committed (we know this because sometimes she bikes to work over the hills that separate Xavier from the west side) and prefers to eat nutella and peanut on toast before she runs (facebook told us so).  A native of Cincinnati, she just returned this summer after years in Chicago.