Often times, one is so consumed in their everyday life that things become quite mundane. There is the tendency to have a well thought out map of what one does and when. Therefore, not having such a schedule can cause utter chaos for those whose lives demand consistency. However, one should be intentional about each precious moment with which God blesses them. Sometimes, it is hard to be “present” in this moment without consciously thinking of what is to happen next. One is taught that he must plan for the future. Moreover, the actions that one does now can have positive or negative consequences. Nonetheless, I challenge you to be coherent of this moment right now.

Some of you have dreams that you wish to accomplish. Now is the time to start. In this moment, you can make a decision that you will strive to reach that goal. The present is all that you truly have. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow does not come because “today is yesterday’s tomorrow.” What is stopping you? Are you confounded by what others think of you? As a rational, thinking being, you have the ability to make a decision in this moment. Although your goal may not be easily accomplished, use each of these passing moments to get another step closer than you were. The decisions that you make in this moment will have consequences. However, they could be in your favor.

The scripture text in the book of Luke is the one in which Jesus is talking to the disciples about not taking thought for the journey, but rather seeking God. Certainly, if one chooses to submit to the will of God, then God will lead them in the way that should go. For most, this is the hard part. This is where faith takes control. You might be thinking: should I go to God for every decision that I make? I would argue in a way you should. This is not to suggest that you pray about every decision, but rather, you should trust that the decision that you are making in this moment is concurrent with the purpose that God has for your life. Accordingly, make a conscious decision that I will serve the Lord with every waking moment that I have. Surely, this should be a pleasurable life.

Living in the will of God does not have to be boring because God is not boring. If you want to know what God is like, then look at all the beautiful attributes of mankind. God has personality. He has emotions. As Jesus says, if God takes care of the ravens, then how much will he do for his child. Living in this moment with God means that the consequences do not matter because God has your best interest in mind. Do not worry about the output, focus on the input. In this moment, it is time to put your trust and confidence in God.

Lauren White is a junior Political Science major who can be found in all kinds of leadership roles around campus (including serving in the CFJ as an Ecumenical Peer Minister student worker).  A minister in his tradition, Lauren will preach on this text at his church, Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church in Lockland on October 28th.  As he hails from Lexington, KY, it can be dangerous to speak of that other city in Kentucky that starts with an “L” and ends with an “ouisville” in his presence.  And don’t pretend to think that their team is better than UK in basketball.