“I don’t know what we are gonna get Dad this year for Christmas!” Why is it always Dad? Mom is always pretty easy because she will appreciate the effort of anything you get her. Brother or sister, aunt or uncle—they can be a challenge, although you always seem to find something good. But Dad is always so darn hard to find something good for. And we always settle with, “I guess we’ll just get this and hope he likes it—we gotta get him something!” Look, I know guys aren’t easy to buy for (I think it’s in our DNA) and I think dads take it to the next level. While we could probably do a different blog about what cool things we can get for our dads this Christmas, I want to focus on a different element of this predicament: do we really have to get him something? This advent, we have gathered a number of staff, students and alumni to write blog posts about four themes: worship fully, spend less, give more, love all. The hope is that by taking away the weight to adhere to the consumerist mentality, we are free to focus on those four themes and have a more fulfilling experience of advent that will prepare your heart for Christmas this year.

Tim Dunn is the Assistant Director of Faith & Ministry at the CFJ.  Tim has an affinity for Ignation Spirituality and has committed his life-academic, social, professional, and spiritual-to deepening his understanding of this identity.  He has an active personality and is always willing to join a pick-up game of basketball.