apple pie

What is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt me!” … Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!

Love, to me, is warm apple pie served over a slice of cheddar cheese (it’s a southern thing) with a very generous size scoop of vanilla ice cream all covered in whip cream. Love is a couple thousand dollars spent on education. Love is served in a chilled glass and poured out of a Makers Mark bottle. Love is many things and everything. Love is totally giving up of oneself for another person.

To give more means to love more.

When my grandfather died last year, I was a babbling mess: tears-streaming, snot-flowing, body-shaking, bumbling mess… Ok maybe I wasn’t that bad, but this is my story, so I can tell it how I want! Anyways… While I was trying to figure out how to piece my life back together, I started to remember the life of my grandpa. He was a fantastic man–full of life, always wanting to have fun, and willing to give more of himself than he was capable.

Apple Pie. My grandpa made the greatest apple pies imaginable… no! He made the great pies, period! (Comment all you want, but this is published and you are not, so I’m more credible!) A pie made by my grandpa was a day long endeavor. Peel, slice, and soak the apples in bourbon and cinnamon red hots. Flour, sugar, lard (NOT BUTTER!), kneed dough. Wait. Wait. Depending on the time of day, watch a soap with his wife. Put it all together, make pie (You really thought you were going to get the entire recipe for “the greatest pie imaginable!?!” You thought wrong!)

A couple thousand dollars on education. My grandfather made me a promise: make it to college, maintain good grades, get involved, and I’ll pay for it. Even though my grandfather won’t see me finish my college career, he’s maintained that promise. My grandpa was never known to spend great sums of money, which made it possible for him to uphold that promise. Even the bourbon, which he enjoyed often, wasn’t actually Maker’s Mark, it was the cheep-bottom-shelf-brand which he filled just to make it look like he was acting classy. He always thought that no matter how much he enjoyed something, he would be sure to save for others to enjoy even more.

If you have something you enjoy, be sure to save plenty, so others can enjoy it even more.

That is what I learned from my grandfather. If something is worth enjoying and having, then it is worth giving to others. From apple pies, to a glass of bourbon, to how he loved his wife. Giving love is spending time with and for people. Giving love is a late night conversation. Giving love is sharing a meal. Giving love is giving up of yourself.

 I made the video below, as a present for my family and grandpa after his 80th birthday. It’s a glimpse into his life.

Bobby Nichols is a senior Theology major from Louisville, Kentucky. He has worked at the Dorothy Day Center for Faith & Justice for his entire Xavier career. While it isn’t as active as the CFJ Blog, he does maintain his own blog, where he detailed his adventures in China this past summer. Bobby helps manage this blog and would like to add one final note saying that writing in third-person is very interesting.