Urban dictionary defines post-racial as

#1- beyond discussions of race and racism

#2- an utterly imaginary and fictional term, much like “pixie-dust” because there is no such thing.

Keep reading and you will get a firm sense that post-racial is a term used to generally mask, well, racism.  Now, I am not saying that Urban Dictoinary is an expert on anything really, but words matter.  Words are signifier of larger undercurrents of culture and society.  Words can helps us to uncover what is going on in between the lines. Thus, the appearance of the phrase “post-racial” in a society where this is true:

Even though White and Black people use drugs at approximately equal rates, Black people are 10.1 times more likely to be sent to prison for drug offenses. Today, Black Americans represent 56% of those incarcerated for drug crimes, even though they comprise only 13% of the U.S. population. (source: The House I Live In)

…is notable.

Since we do not live in a post-racial world, since we are striving to be men and women for others, and not just others like us, but all others, seems like we should reflect on movements for racial justice.  This week, you will hear from students, staff, faculty and community partners on this issue.  In the meantime, a little light reading from those folks near and far doing good work.

Amos Project

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Ohio Justice and Policy Center

Applied Research Center

And for deep reading… The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

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