When I was in eighth grade, my writing teacher taught us the importance of “bringing things full circle.” She was talking about the art of relating the end of a piece back to the beginning, tying things up nicely, leaving your reader convinced that you know what you’re talking about. After all, if the last sentence harkens back to the first sentence, it must be true…

Since that time, I’ve found that there are a lot of subjects that can’t come full circle. I realized pretty quickly that I could never write a blog post about misogyny or the marginalization of women and leave readers feeling like the situation is under control, like everything is going to come full circle, whatever that means. Although it’s often easy for Christians to recite nice answers regarding many struggles our world faces, there is no rote answer regarding the injustice women experience world over. I think that’s why being a young feminist today can be so discouraging – there is no clear-cut answer, and sometimes that makes it hard to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

However, as a Christian, I don’t believe in light-less tunnels. As a lover of Jesus, I believe that He is the light of the world, which means He is the light in all situations, even those which seem to get more discouraging the more I open my eyes.

Through the life we find in Jesus, men and women alike have the freedom to be who they are instead of being trapped within the confines of the roles they are told they must play. Women who are subjugated and objectified can look to the unconditional love of Jesus for a reminder of their infinite value. Most importantly, Christians are obligated to draw on the boldness of Jesus and speak out against a problem that so many are willing to complacently observe. Followers of Jesus are called upon to be advocates for the lowly and the forgotten – this includes every woman who has been sexually victimized, every woman who is made to feel small, every woman who looks at a Victoria’s Secret ad and hates her own body, every woman who experiences hopelessness and despair.

I wish I had some powerful opinion to share on the subject of faith and feminism, but all I really know is this: I love and serve a God who made men and women different yet loves them the same. I know that He sees sexual assault, human trafficking, prostitution, pornography, sexually objectifying advertisements and music videos, twisted gender roles, and women caught in cyclical poverty and He cries for the beautiful women He created. As Christians, feminism is a cause that belongs to all of us, because we are called to fight against injustice. It’s not okay for us to follow the example our society has set and turn a blind eye to injustice when women are the ones who suffer. There’s no easy answer, but it’s nice to know that we’re not in a tunnel without any light.

TatumTatum Hunter is a first year student who really likes her cat and is quite a talented pianist.  Though she is frustrated by jazz improvisation, she is quite able to improve to your standard worship music in a way that most of us find rather impressive.