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Breanna Lynch was the co-site leader for the Alternative Breaks trip to Washington D.C. dealing with the issue of hunger and homelessness. The video below is her reflection on the experience:

Through my experience on Alternative Breaks, living homeless is quite the struggle. I was challenged to take on a new perspective on what ‘home’ truly means to me and how that differs greatly across the globe. This trip has bestowed upon me a blessed burden that I will forever carry: to see the humanity in all people, no matter the circumstances; to build upon the assets of a community not to sustain homelessness, but to end it; and to forever glorify the love I was shown on the streets. I hope my story helps to shed light on this universal injustice and allows us all to reflect on how we can further effect lasting change through our service to and with others.

If you would like to gain more of an understanding of the experience, we invite you to join their conversation by following this link to a prerecorded “live stream” of one night of the group’s reflection.

Breanna Lynch is a junior Occupational Therapy major from Long Island, NY. She is the current president of Unified4Unifat and was a leader on the Spring Approach Retreat. Breanna loves taking photos of friends in potentially embarrassing moments.