White walls used to freak me out.  Something always felt like it was missing.  As I have (ahem) matured, I have grown to appreciate certain shades of white, their warmth, the glow and light they an offer to a room.  This appreciation rarely extends to interior walls painted a corporate color lit with flourescents. So, when Greg asked if I would be interested in painting something for the Loyola Room in the CFJ, I jumped at the chance.

In all seriousness, our space is our home.  Some parts of our space really reflect the lively community that gathers and is grown here.  Other parts… not so much.  Over the next few months, the CFJ staff will be working on making the whole CFJ reflect our mission (and identity perhaps?).  My role: transform the Loyola Room.


As I reflected on our mission as a center (deepen spirituality, pursue justice and promote pluralism), what struck me was the continually changing nature of our work.  Students come and go.  Sometimes for one or two programs.  Sometimes as leaders throughout their four years.  Often, somewhere in between.  Every group dynamic changes when someone leaves or when someone joins.  We are a place of comings and goings.  Campus life is a culture of comings and goings. We journey together, staff and students alike, whether it is for a semester or for years.  We have all come from somewhere and we are all sent somewhere. And so, as we pursue our mission, we pursue it in any given moment because that moment may be all we have. We are changed by our time together.  The world will be changed as we carry who we become here with us to pursue good.

I hope that in some small way, this offering of my images, of my way of thinking and representing, gives life to our space and encourages deeper reflection.


Worse case scenario, if you are in a meeting and are bored, there is something else to look at.

self-portraitAbby King-Kaiser is a sometimes artist who is also the Ecumenical and Multi-faith minister in the CFJ. Once upon a time, before she studied for ministry, she studied art.  She has a BFA from Miami University and wants to remind you that everyone is an artist.  She just happens to have some training. The funny pic is a self-portrait from her college days.