_GER0347(1) A word that speaks to millions across the world and yes I have been there to meet some of them. They pray every given day of their lives, they sit around to talk about old blessings and new, but most of all they gather around to talk about life and what has been brought to them through it.

These gatherings are not complicated. They are simple, full at heart, and full of presence. There is laughter and there is cheer. There is pain and there is sorrow from the bumps and aches of the world, but most of all, there is forgiveness; for all the trespasses we have caused and all the ones we have come against. Now I do not only describe this because I have trespasses of my own, but because we all do. And the birth of a certain individual was meant to wipe them clean.

It took me years to realize this and years to accept this, and we all know that Our holy father has his ways. But there is just something about this love that I could not resist. We all hope in something. Just as we all crave for something. But who would have thought, that we would ever be able to crave for a father so wonderful, that he would send his only son to save us.

I do know that to some, this may sound crazy. But in a life like mine, I crave for something that I can hold onto and use as my base and rock for any situation. I crave for a force I can dedicate my life to, that understands me like I can understand it. But mostly I crave for a hope, an eternal one that I can always lean on. And that one is the Almighty “JAH”, as my late uncle casually referred to him.

These people I meet, who have hope in Christ, amaze me. They are strong in will and never afraid to admit their faults. Some of them wake up at the rooster’s crow to scream their blessings off into the morning sky. Others joke and laugh about all the silly things they did in their youth, wishing they had spent a moment to stand still and just listen. They come from all walks of life: tall, skinny, black, white, small, big, handicapped. There is no difference between them besides the tone of their skin or the tone of their voice. They all clap and cheer at the mention of the name Jesus and exalt him in uncontrolled joy. They give him huge air hugs and jump around in his presence as they rejoice at the joys and pains God has brought them in their lives. But at the end of the day, they hold steadfast in the faith that brought them through it all.

These are the people I want to meet and the people I want to exemplify. These are the people who have taught me so much and inspired in me a thirst for hope and joy that now I only seek through faith. There is nothing else that satisfies or nothing else that lasts, but faith and good works do. So for this Christmas, I plan to celebrate a different way. A way by which I will enjoy and grow along the billions of brothers and sisters we have been given here on this earth, To care for and provide for. This Christmas will be different. It won’t just be a day on a calendar; it will be an endless celebration of the joy felt all around the world by those who have placed hope in something higher than themselves. This Christmas will be made new and I pray that the same may be done for you. Thank you for reading and may your holidays be blessed.

The meaning for me of spending less is in this paragraph. So if you can’t quite find it in my story, keep on searching and you’ll one day write your own.


Iso Tidjani is from Xavier’s class of 2013 . He is currently doing what he loves most. Knocking on people’s doors through his job at Working In Neighborhoods. When it’s nice outside, Iso can be found biking around Cincinnati and being friendly to anyone and everyone.