AlfambrosAs Jesus enters the city of Jerusalem, he is welcomed with crowds celebrating his arrival. I believe we can see that in our everyday lives.

Human rights is a wide variety of issues from healthcare issues, to the right for life, to the right for food and water, all the way to the right to be an individual.  My passion has always been focused toward the issue of food justice. Hang with me and this will connect all together. I believe that one human right that should never be looked over is the right to food and water. People all over the world are starving, while in America we waste thousands of tons of food everyday. I know this all is cliche, but it is true. Cliche doesn’t mean it should not be said. Here at Xavier, i think we do a good job at fighting for Human Rights. We as a community are loud and proud supporters of many different human right issue. But what more can we do then just be vocal on campus. Like Jesus coming into the city we can look at every issue as a new area to focus our energy on. This sounds tiring and like there cant be much progress, but we must start to try.
For my Lenten sacrifice, i didn’t give up sweets, i didn’t vow to go to the gym more. I have done those and many others in my short 21 years on this planet. No this year, while i did give up coffee (that was a struggle), but i gave up grocery shopping. After spring break, i looked at my pantry and realized i have a ton of food, most that i did not want to eat, but i had bought it all through out the year. As i thought to myself i realized that I was being a complete hypocrite. I go on to people about food justice and here i am just letting can and boxes collect dust. This has been my beginning of a path for a Victory for Human Rights.
Lent is a time of reflection and looking within yourself, and as Holy Week is now upon us, I think this is a perfect time to look back on the inter reflections brought out by lent. I know personally, I do not plan on grocery shopping again until all of my stored food is completely gone. The motivator to that is we are still in a time of reflection going into the Easter season. When Christ rises, while this should bring joy and celebration, we cannot forget his struggle, we cannot forget the little victories for Human Rights.
My go to Bible verse and one of the few I can spout off the top of my head is Matthew 28:20 “Go and teach of me, for I command you, for I am always with you until the end of ages.”
joe mcgrathJoe McGrath is a Junior Business Sustainability: Management and Economics Major at William College of Business in Xavier University. You’ll catch him smiling around campus especially at coffee emporium!