“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

-John 4:24

Worshipping is the act of showing reverence towards God. One of the Hebrew words for worship is Shachah; when translated into English means to “bow down.” When a King enters into a room, everyone in his presence bows out of respect for his position. The Lord is the Sovereign King who reigns over our lives. Each and every day we are able to show Him just how much we respect and love Him by spending time in worship.  In John 4:24, Jesus tells the Samaritan woman that when believers worship the Lord it has to be “in spirit and in truth.” How can we do just that? When we come to God, we have to be completely transparent and allow for God to have His perfect work in us. The Samaritan woman was honest with Jesus when He asked her to get her husband and bring him to the well. Her response was that she didn’t have a husband although she was physically involved with several men. No matter what you may have done in your life, God is a forgiving God who desires to be in communion with you. We are spirit beings who live in fleshly bodies, and the Bible talks about no good thing dwelling in the flesh (sinful nature). Therefore, when you worship the Lord (through song, dance, or by simply raising your hands toward Heaven and speaking to Him), it’s important to come before His throne with a pure heart, willing to listen and obey the King.

Alyssa MettsAlyssa Metts is a junior from the Cincinnati area.  She is a member of the Gospel Choir.