adventAbout a week ago I got so excited and uncontrollably started to bullet point what I want for Christmas, searching on Amazon deals…the whole sha-bang! It began on a little sticky note, and has grown onto this very detailed Word Document with internet links and all so my parents know exactly what I want. (Because if I don’t, God only knows what might be in my stocking). Naturally, I began to get excited.

I began to become overwhelmed with excitement knowing Christmas is only four weeks away! But then it hit me. Real hard. I said to myself, “I am not ready.” How can I be prepared knowing that Jesus Christ, who was born from the Virgin Mary, who healed sicknesses and gives life and breath, who laid down His life just to be taken up again someday, to wipe our sins white as snow with the red of His blood….how can I be ready for Him in only five short weeks? * Insert mental freak-out *

I closed the window on my computer, shut my laptop, and began to pray. And it dawned on me. A lot dawned on me really, but mostly the fact that I need to worship Him. To prepare my heart for Him and His coming.

Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Isn’t it easy to miss what the Three Wise Men had so right all along? To worship Him. Not just in tangible gifts, or decorations of the images of baby Jesus chillin’ in a manger, but merely in our deepest yearning to acknowledge Him.

So Kellie, you’re telling me all I have to do for Christmas is acknowledge Him? Like, this Christmas tree was 6 hours a waste of my time setting up?

Obviously not. Those things are beautiful and wonderful, and actually it would be upsetting if I flew home and saw my living room was empty without a tree. But seriously, isn’t worshipping ourselves fully to Christ just acknowledging Him? We do this through worship music when we sing at our churches, we do this when we listen to a friend of ours that is having a hard time and we tell them we will be thinking about them, we do this when receiving Eucharist. As long as we are acknowledging, we are worshipping. It’s easy to miss the mark isn’t it? Worship always sounds like some huge Jesus freak festival and it has to be big and marvelous, or else, did it #reallyhappen?

For me, I found my most honest, naked, and glorifying praises – my worship – when I would finally say, “Yes, it is good. He is good, and I want Him to know that from the depths of my heart.” 

This means we must know Him through prayer. If we feel these romances tugging at our hearts, it is only through prayer it will be made known, right? Only when we speak to Him, actually have a relationship with Him, does worship exist. But prayer isn’t opening

Scripture everyday for everyone, or our favorite devotional books, nor singing “Oceans” all the time, nor the Rosary. No, worship is what drives us to those indescribable moments.

Worshipping fully is opening the floodgates to pour in because our prayer – our relationship – is present. Our palms open to receive. But above all, our lips ready to acknowledge His seamless graces.

*Cue the Catholic nerdiness now*

Advent is that time to practice. Advent is just another added blessing the Church holds out for us Catholics to full-force immerse in. And we get four weeks of it! But why not start now? Today.

To worship fully is to be aware of all the minute things we experience in our day, and let it be big. Let that person who opens the door for you every time you walk to class be a big thing. Or picking up your check for the week be that big thing. Or that text your parents sent you telling you they miss you and can’t wait to be with you for Christmas, be big. Because Our God is worth it.

And those big things we experience, let them be magnified even greater. Like the fact my sister is in labor right now and I will have a nephew at any moment, let it be magnified.

Let us join in unison this Advent and let it be big. Let our worship be big, so as to glorify Him who is great.

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Kellie Goff was born and raised in Southern California, but a Mid-Western girl at heart. She is also a sophomore studying both Communications and Theology, seeking to continue her zeal to serve others with her Catholic faith even after her four years at Xavier. Kellie is also incredibly blessed to be the president of Catholic Ministry Team through Xavier’s Center of Faith and Justice! Some of her passions include journaling and blogging, adventuring to local coffee shops, and deepening personal relationships with others through sharing her love for Christ.