oceanNothing amazes me like an ocean. Its blue waters that extend into the unknown is such a beautiful thing. I love water, and learning about oceans in my high school was really fascinating.  Even though my major has nothing to do with oceans, I still study about it and relate it to my daily life. Oceans are accessible to many people, it gives pleasure to people, and gives food for many people. It is also a habitat to many living creatures. People from different parts of the world can have access to the ocean despite who they are. For example, the Atlantic Ocean extends to Africa, Europe and America, It has neither discrimination nor limits to what it gives. But it still doesn’t dry up.

We need to give what we can out of kindness and love without hesitation. When we give without a purpose we give less. I know I have given less in the past; I sometimes still do but it makes me feel guilty. We give less when a neighbor needs food but give a dollar because the other money you have is for your other luxury needs that you cannot postpone. We give less when we believe other people are giving, not because our hearts tells us to give. Is this ok, or do we just tell ourselves it is ok? We give less when our reason for giving is to be appreciated by others. Giving less is helping someone who is a thousand miles away and ignoring your neighbor who needs your help. Giving less is donating to third world countries and not feeding the homeless in your own city.

I believe there is nothing to weigh the abundance of our giving and to say “give more” might seem contradicting; however, the emphasis of giving more is because we have been giving less. Giving more is giving enough. When you give what you can; a sincere smile, a word of hope, a genuine compliment or your time (if that is all you could give), then you have given more than enough. Giving is not only material things. I once thought that is what giving meant, until I realized I was all that I could give. My time, my presence, my laughter and most importantly my love is the most meaningful thing I can give.

Let us give without expecting something in return. There is a quote that says, “Whoever gives shall receive more.” This might be true but let this not be the purpose of giving. There is no greater feeling than putting a smile on someone’s face and giving hope to the hopeless. This is the reward of genuinely giving, it is receiving more. Mother Teresa, (her actions are my inspiration), said “no one has ever become poor by giving.” The ocean has never dried up but instead it has more rivers flowing into it. Giving is a blessing.

To give more, it starts with you.  You will never know how to love your neighbor if you don’t know the value of loving yourself. Also you don’t need to travel miles to give more, instead, “Stay where you are. Find your own Calcutta. Find the sick, the suffering, and the lonely right there where you are — in your own homes and in your own families, in your workplaces and in your schools. You can find Calcutta all over the world, if you have the eyes to see. Everywhere, wherever you go, you find people who are unwanted, unloved, uncared for, just rejected by society — completely forgotten, completely left alone.” As quoted by Mother Teresa. Build that bridge that will connect the desert and the ocean. To make an impact today and in the future, let us avoid giving less and instead GIVE MORE.

sylviaSylvia Jepchirchir Chemweno is from Elgeyo-Marakwet County in Kenya. She is a sophomore student at Xavier University with a Biology, Pre-med Major and a Political Science Minor. Sylvia wants to go to a medical school and become a neurosurgeon. Sylvia is passionate in issues concerning gender equality and in serving others through service and leadership.  Sylvia is grateful to be at Xavier because it has given her the opportunity to grow in her passions and now she is a board member of Community Action Day, The Student Government Association Senator and the Women’s Retreat Team Leader. She is a lover of peace.