Our mission is to challenge and support students as they deepen their spiritual lives, pursue justice and promote pluralism.

As a Jesuit Catholic university, we are committed to deepening our recognition of the sacred and pursuing the common good.  We seek to equip students to live in a diverse world where faith matter and justice is imperative.  The Center is built on the Ignatian invitation to find God in all things and the principle of solidarity.

In this space, we hope to deepen the conversations that our office encourages with our blogging for good.  Blogging by you.  Blogging by us.  Blogging our passions, our joys, our hopes.  Blogging our questions, our concerns, our ideas, our ideals.

Make this space your space.  Don’t allow the temptation of instant, electronic social media and the appearance of anonymity to squelch conversation.  Let us allow this space to push us deeper: to learn more about other worldviews, other identities, other values… to help us clarify our own beliefs, commitments, and goals.  Let us read and post and comment with respect for each other, with inclusivity of those different than us (in identity or lifestyle or belief system), and with a shared desire to keep asking the important questions of our lives and of the world.  Let us begin… and maybe we will each grow in a new and unpredictable way.

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