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Giving More This Advent

What's the best gift you can give this Christmas? Yourself! Rachel Kozma is a junior Marketing major. She dedicates her time to the 10pm Mass Committee, Xavier Christmas, and loves to serve and give back to those around her.

Christmas – Quantity or Quality?

This Advent we're called to give more. Give more presents? Gift cards? Or give more of ourselves? Michaella Norris is a senior Health Administration major. She chairs the X-Change Board and gives more weekly through Labre homeless outreach.

Give more by fighting for everyone around you

We spend our lives giving. We give the efforts of our minds to our classes, the efforts of our hands to our jobs, and the efforts of our prayers to God. As students of the Jesuit tradition, we are taught... Continue Reading →

Give More Love

“The Gospel takes away our right forever to discriminate between the deserving and the undeserving poor.” – Dorothy Day “Love and ever more love is the only solution to every problem that ever comes up.” – Dorothy Day  “Hate cannot... Continue Reading →

Give More – An Ocean Never Dries.

Nothing amazes me like an ocean. Its blue waters that extend into the unknown is such a beautiful thing. I love water, and learning about oceans in my high school was really fascinating.  Even though my major has nothing to... Continue Reading →

Give More Every Day

The holiday season is upon us and this brings many of us a lot of cheer. As exams finish up, snow is frosted everywhere covering the ground and we feel the weight being lifted from our shoulders as we begin... Continue Reading →

Having More to Give

Give more sounds like a simple and direct call to action, a catchy magis slogan. The magis can be loosely defined as living greater, being more, continuous quality improvement, etc. Theologically, the Ignatian concept of the magis means pursuing what... Continue Reading →

Give More Encouragement

Have you ever wonder how just one simple word, phrase or action that you commit could impact another’s life with powerful significance? Whatever action you display, positive or negative, the impact is more influential than a conglomerate of us realize.... Continue Reading →

Give More Grace | Joy | Hope | Love

I’m one of those people who grew up obsessed with Christmas, your thinking to yourself, ya you and everyone else. But, for me it was an absolutely magical time, jingle bells, ho ho ho, mistle toe, tinsel, glitter, Santa Clause,... Continue Reading →

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