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Spend Less

Where did the presents go?

If you spend less... then what? Spending less is hard when we think about what we spend as expressing our love. Have you seen your loved ones spend less? Abenaa Antwi is a senior Social Work major from Chicago, Illinois... Continue Reading →

Spend less to spend more…

How can we refocus during Advent to spend less money and spend more quality time with the ones we love? Rebecca Anderson is a sophomore Psychology student from Milwaukee, WI. She leads a Companion Group and is an X-Change site... Continue Reading →

Spending Less on Technology

“Because when you give tech, people won’t just love it, they’ll love you.” After watching this commercial a few weeks ago I realized something – it made me really sad. No, I wasn’t thinking, “it’s sad that society has become... Continue Reading →

Spend More Energy

  “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it” – Henry David Thoreau As I was reflecting on the idea of “spend less”, money cha-chinged its way to the forefront of my mind. Money, Money,... Continue Reading →

Spend Less? – Cultivate Good Habits of the Heart by Spending the Gift of Your Time Wisely

When I think of the command “spend less” my mind first goes to money and the crazed consumerism that takes hold (as I write this on “Black Friday”) of shoppers bargain hunting the day after Thanksgiving.  Black Friday shoppers certainly... Continue Reading →

Spend less thought on yourself

When I was in the fifth grade or so, I was introduced to “The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry in one of my Language Arts classes. It’s a cute little story, befitting to the time of the year... Continue Reading →

Spend More?

Opportunities to spend less money and get good bargains are a big deal in my family. I vividly recall the day about twenty-five years ago when my mom found a pair of dress shoes on clearance at Marshalls for a... Continue Reading →

Spending wisely

Years ago, I was in the outskirt bush of Botswana. I was engulfed by a group of kids poking and prodding in amazement at my braces and frizzy hair. To see someone for the first time of a different skin... Continue Reading →

Worship = Spend less

 A word that speaks to millions across the world and yes I have been there to meet some of them. They pray every given day of their lives, they sit around to talk about old blessings and new, but most... Continue Reading →

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