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Economic Justice

Gentrification, development or community?

View of the Camp from the third floor of our home. I am a white middle class girl who was raised in the suburbs who happens to love the city. I mean LOVE the city.  I love density.  I love... Continue Reading →

Spreading What’s Good

It seems to me that we often place the blame for poverty on those who are  poor. The rhetoric is that people in poverty are lazy, un-motivated, and sucking the government dry of all it’s resources. Many of us respond... Continue Reading →

Counting our blessings…

We chatted, reflecting on our day of traveling through the city, seeing first hand the poverty present. We discussed how this experience made us feel? One of us said, “It makes me count my blessings and be thankful for all... Continue Reading →

Confronted by the Call for Economic Justice

Can you go home again?  Can you go away, grow, re-make who you are, and go home again? The whispers from people who thought they knew you; the sideways glances as people try to figure out if they recognize you. ... Continue Reading →

A Felony Conviction is a Lifelong Sentence

A Prayer for Us (All) O God, each and every day we are surrounded with temptations to wander from Your word, and the enticements to falter are very appealing. Strengthen our resolve in this prayer so that the good You... Continue Reading →

Did you hear the call for Economic Justice?

Thanks goes out to our President, who last week gave a prelude to our topic for the week, economic justice, in that small, insignificant talk called the State of the Union… Although I can thank my infant twins for keeping... Continue Reading →

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