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Environmental Justice

NEXUS, A Community Bridge in Cincinnati

~Below is a reflection shared by Ismael Tidjani on his experience working at NEXUS.~ As I sit back and get ready to read on the world of agriculture for my history class, I am grateful for the string of events that... Continue Reading →

Understanding Environmental Justice in Community

Having the opportunity to be one of the student garden coordinators for the summer of 2012 provided me with exposure to the topic of environmental justice from the perspective of those living in the Evanston and Norwood neighborhoods of Cincinnati.... Continue Reading →

Economic Logic behind Human and Environmental Rights

Lawrence Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury under Clinton and director, until late 2010, of Obama’s National Economic Council, was in hot water during the early days of 1992. A memo he reportedly wrote, and certainly endorsed with his signature,... Continue Reading →

Inviting us to Love and Respect the Earth and our Neighbors

I have founded a new appreciation for trees. I pass, study, and sit by them. Yet spiritual guidance from them is as difficult as giving up chocolate or deactivating my Facebook account for Lent. Trees say so much, yet we... Continue Reading →

Food as a Basic Human Right

Everybody eats. Well… shall I say, everyone needs to eat… and I would go as far as to proclaim that everyone has the right to eat. You see, hunger is a complicated and problematic issue no matter the angle from... Continue Reading →

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