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Racial Justice

Bridging the Gap between You & Me

A short six weeks ago, I was in the heart of New York City with nine other students, embarking on Xavier’s first ever Dorothy Day Immersion with the intent of studying racial justice and wealth inequality. Aside from those collective... Continue Reading →

Thoughts On Race

Good Evening everyone and thank you for inviting me to share my experience with you all today. I count it as a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of this event. I want to begin this discussion by... Continue Reading →

A Room Full of Soap Bubbles

This year has brought an explosion of race-related issues and tensions to the surface in the United States. Yet what may be most “shocking” or “new” or “newsworthy” about these issues and tensions is precisely their not new-ness. The systematic... Continue Reading →

Love All: Let Them Breathe

An Advent Conspiracy?  Count me in!  If you’re just tuning in, all you need to know is that each week’s theme is brilliantly simple: Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, and Love All.  That’s how we can make Advent and... Continue Reading →

Aren’t We Glad He Didn’t Sneeze?

“If I had sneezed” – April 3th 1968, Mason Temple, Memphis, TN If Martin Luther King had sneezed, oh if he would have sneezed, You see He was stabbed by a demented woman, and the knife came within an inch, Within... Continue Reading →

“Looking Like Trees and Walking”: Stumbling Together toward Racial Justice

One of the most compelling scenes in the Gospels is the miracle that did not “take” the first time: Jesus’s healing of the blind man of Bethsaida. (Mk. 8:23-24) Putting spittle on his eyes, Jesus laid his hands on him... Continue Reading →

genuinely embrace otherness

Tapuwa et. al. enjoying a Senate team building experience. When I came to this school, I felt like I was taking part in a unique experience at a university with a powerful sense of community. The Smooth Transitions move crew... Continue Reading →

What is for “us”?

As I reflect on this topic, many thoughts come to mind such as there are those who believe that we live in colorblind society. And yet, I know that people still see color when they refuse to come to programs... Continue Reading →

We cannot work in isolation

As February eases into March, Black History Month observances will soon give way to celebrations of Women’s History. Sadly, this may come as a relief to those who embrace a gender-based, yet colorblind, identity politics. As one who experiences marginalization... Continue Reading →

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