As we seek to deepen spiritual lives, pursue justice and promote pluralism at Xavier University, we recognize that written reflection is a powerful tool for to grow through the work we do, as well as share our stories on campus and beyond.  Articulating our experiences and working through difficult questions around our experiences of God and community allows us to be challenged to take our experiences to the next level.

Sounds difficult… still interested in contributing?

Here is what you need to do:

– Contact the CFJ ( to inquire about scheduling a time to post.  There may be a blog series you can connect with, or we will consider your unique ideas as well.

– Write 500-750 words, followed by a three sentence, light-hearted bio.

– Submit by email. (

– Attach a picture if you have one.

Be reflective.  Ask yourself difficult questions.  Where did you experience God in your midst?  What challenged you about the way the world works?  How did you change in the midst of an experience?  What does a just world look like and how can you contribute?  How will your experience change your future? How do you live out your faith or ideology in your day to day life?  If you find yourself stuck, the questions of the Daily Examen may be helpful in this process as well.

What makes an effective blog? Blogs work when there is good content and great community.  Clear, concise and authentic writing (it should sound like you and only you wrote it!) that includes links where appropriate.  Tell your story, well. Once published, be sure to share your post on your own facebook page or email the link to friends and family so that they can see what you wrote and share it with others as well!