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My Unpopular Opinion: Defining Courage in the Face of Death

A peaceful death is a wish that just about anybody has. But death is somewhat of a taboo topic today. As a culture, we fear death. This fear reveals itself in the many euphemisms incorporated into our language concerning death.... Continue Reading →

Love All the Moments

I hate putting up Christmas tree ornaments. Hate it. Especially now that I’m in college, it isn’t like it used to be. No, now ornaments are a chore. Therefore, as I grudgingly dragged my slippered feet downstairs this evening to... Continue Reading →

Give More Love

"What is Love? Baby Don't Hurt me!" ... Sorry, I couldn't help myself! Love, to me, is warm apple pie served over a slice of cheddar cheese (it's a southern thing) with a very generous size scoop of vanilla ice... Continue Reading →

Worship Fully: The Gift of Life

Advent is all about hope and anticipation of “the coming.” In its finest form, it looks beyond consumerism—not focused on “the coming” of the new iPad Mini, or your anticipation of unwrapping your new underpants (don’t lie—you know you get... Continue Reading →

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