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Grow In Faithfulness

Lent can be a challenging time.  We are asked to fast from something in order to relate to Jesus’ experience for 40 days in the desert.  But this is easier said than done.  Most of us start off this liturgical... Continue Reading →

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Stories for Solidarity

Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can’t remember who we are or why we are here. – Sue Monk Kidd There is power in a story. There is great power in our life... Continue Reading →

Even a Closed Door has a Story

Over-the-Rhine Doors As humans we like to think that we are observant, keenly aware of our surroundings and whereabouts. So sure of where we are that the need for a GPS or a map may not even get a second... Continue Reading →

Heart Space & Public Place

It’s awesome to be at a school with so many students involved in service projects. Whether it’s every week, during a retreat or on Community Action Day, Musketeers seem to find a hundred ways to give back. This emphasis on... Continue Reading →

My Unpopular Opinion: Defining Community

During his presidency, Herbert Hoover coined the term “rugged individualism.” This is the idea that a person is not only capable of being autonomous but should remain autonomous in his affairs, not relying on the government to facilitate personal economic... Continue Reading →

My Unpopular Opinion: The Importance of Doing Nothing

I would bet that while you are reading this, you are working on a paper, Facebook or Twitter is open in another tab and music is playing in the background. I’m right, aren’t I? And if I’m not, what I... Continue Reading →

Love All the Moments

I hate putting up Christmas tree ornaments. Hate it. Especially now that I’m in college, it isn’t like it used to be. No, now ornaments are a chore. Therefore, as I grudgingly dragged my slippered feet downstairs this evening to... Continue Reading →

Loving all is easier said than done.

Loving all – easier said than done, right? No doubt about it, loving everyone is pretty difficult, especially for us college students. We’re not exactly the most loving of people. There always seems to be annoying friend drama, or our... Continue Reading →

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