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Even a Closed Door has a Story

Over-the-Rhine Doors As humans we like to think that we are observant, keenly aware of our surroundings and whereabouts. So sure of where we are that the need for a GPS or a map may not even get a second... Continue Reading →

Religion or Not, Here We Come.

Religion, in our ever-advancing society, is often looked down upon or seen as “uncool,” especially among our younger generation. Strict religious devotion is, at times, perceived by many as a backwards and timeworn practice that does not have a rightful... Continue Reading →

My Unpopular Opinion: Defining Community

During his presidency, Herbert Hoover coined the term “rugged individualism.” This is the idea that a person is not only capable of being autonomous but should remain autonomous in his affairs, not relying on the government to facilitate personal economic... Continue Reading →

My Unpopular Opinion: Defining Courage in the Face of Death

A peaceful death is a wish that just about anybody has. But death is somewhat of a taboo topic today. As a culture, we fear death. This fear reveals itself in the many euphemisms incorporated into our language concerning death.... Continue Reading →

My Unpopular Opinion: How Not To Talk About Israel-Palestine

  Allow me to preface this by saying that this is not a political piece. A lot has been published about the politics of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, and I have little to add to it here. What I do wish... Continue Reading →

Learning From Young and Old

Spending a year doing post-graduate service is choosing to live in a way that counters cultural norms. As a Jesuit Volunteer (JV), I live in community with three other JVs. Each of us works at different social service agencies serving... Continue Reading →

Common Reading Experience from a First Year

Every year, the incoming first years read a book as part of the Common Reading Experience.  As a member of the class of 2018, I had the privilege of reading Tattoos on the Heart by Father Gregory Boyle.  To be... Continue Reading →

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