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Spend More?

Opportunities to spend less money and get good bargains are a big deal in my family. I vividly recall the day about twenty-five years ago when my mom found a pair of dress shoes on clearance at Marshalls for a... Continue Reading →

Spend Less Time Making Christmas Gift Lists

When I have kids, they will not make Christmas lists. After you’re done wondering why such a sadistic Christmas-hater is writing for the CFJ blog, read on. I promise I am not a Christmas-hater. I’m not that person who rants... Continue Reading →

#SpendLess @BabyJesus has a tweet for you: “People… You’re getting it all wrong.”

Black Friday came and went recently. Everywhere I turned, there was a strong, cultural message: Spend more money. Now with a kid around the house, it is even more pressure packed. We are bombarded with messages about what we should... Continue Reading →

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