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Love All the Moments

I hate putting up Christmas tree ornaments. Hate it. Especially now that I’m in college, it isn’t like it used to be. No, now ornaments are a chore. Therefore, as I grudgingly dragged my slippered feet downstairs this evening to... Continue Reading →

Loving all is easier said than done.

Loving all – easier said than done, right? No doubt about it, loving everyone is pretty difficult, especially for us college students. We’re not exactly the most loving of people. There always seems to be annoying friend drama, or our... Continue Reading →

Give More Love

"What is Love? Baby Don't Hurt me!" ... Sorry, I couldn't help myself! Love, to me, is warm apple pie served over a slice of cheddar cheese (it's a southern thing) with a very generous size scoop of vanilla ice... Continue Reading →

Measured in Stitches: Giving More to Others and Yourself

Stereotypically as the holidays approach and the decorations begin to appear on our doorsteps and rooftops, we begin to hear various messages. The most prominent is to “Buy! Buy! Buy!”, as much as possible for the cheapest price to show... Continue Reading →

Giving More Through Giving of Oneself

During the Christmas season and during life in general, it is easier to concentrate on what we are receiving rather than what we are giving. It is also easier to concentrate on the material gifts we have received or given,... Continue Reading →

Spend Less Time Making Christmas Gift Lists

When I have kids, they will not make Christmas lists. After you’re done wondering why such a sadistic Christmas-hater is writing for the CFJ blog, read on. I promise I am not a Christmas-hater. I’m not that person who rants... Continue Reading →

Spend a Little Less and Love a Whole Lot More

I have a goal this holiday season: to spend less. That probably sounds a little shallow, so let me explain. It’s more than just being a severely indebted work study student who barely has time to shower, much less get... Continue Reading →

Spending Less to find Something More

My grandma and Jesuit priests have something in common: they love Saint Ignatius of Loyola, and for obvious reasons. The man founded the Jesuit order with his companions, Saint Xavier and Peter Faber, and he is the epitome of forgiveness... Continue Reading →

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