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Moving On

Above: the city of Oakland--downtown, West Oakland and the Port As I think back to the beginning of my first year at Xavier, I mentally travel back to a time in my life full of uncertainty. I had to move... Continue Reading →

Transitions and the Need for Freedom

The day that my wife and I introduced our first, newborn son Andrew to his 108 year-old great-great-grandmother in late March of 2012 was a profound and memorable day. Grandma Minnie, as my family affectionately called her, awaited our arrival... Continue Reading →

We are Xavier University

Home. It's a simple word, but its roots bury deep. We connect "home" to buildings and spaces, to places that we have made our own. Home, however, is more than brick and mortar. For four years, I have called Xavier... Continue Reading →

Calling All College Grads

(The following is based on Greg Carpinello’s remarks at the Magis Society Induction Dinner for the Class of 2013 at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 5th, 2013.) The world needs you. The world needs you.  Not to be... Continue Reading →

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