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Common Reading Experience from a First Year

Every year, the incoming first years read a book as part of the Common Reading Experience.  As a member of the class of 2018, I had the privilege of reading Tattoos on the Heart by Father Gregory Boyle.  To be... Continue Reading →

Sitting Together as Friends

  If you are interested in the issues surrounding incarceration, join us on campus to hear from Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ about his ministry, Homeboy Industries, in LA.  He will be speaking at Bellarmine Chapel on Thursday, October 2nd at... Continue Reading →

#BringBackOurGirls Event Friday

  Freedom Center Hosts Free Panel Discussion on Activism and Advocacy related to Nigerian kidnappings This Friday, join local leaders and activists at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center for a discussion of the recent kidnappings in Nigeria and the... Continue Reading →

Finding My Voice Delivering Others to [The Capital]

- This article was originally published by Street Roots News: For Those Who Cannot Afford Free Speech a publication of of on 3/13/14. In some circles, lobbyist is a dirty word. We don’t elect lobbyists. We don’t know exactly what they... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Womanhood and Lent

“Being a woman is very hard, I sometimes wish I wasn’t a woman because you suffer all of your life” I heard this for the first time when I started working for Heshima Kenya, a group that advocates and provides... Continue Reading →

Aren’t We Glad He Didn’t Sneeze?

“If I had sneezed” – April 3th 1968, Mason Temple, Memphis, TN If Martin Luther King had sneezed, oh if he would have sneezed, You see He was stabbed by a demented woman, and the knife came within an inch, Within... Continue Reading →

Why Did Jesus Die?

One of the many things that we need to do during Lent – besides growing personally in freedom from our many inordinate attachments – is to deepen our understanding of the death and resurrection of Jesus. In addition to the... Continue Reading →

Economic Logic behind Human and Environmental Rights

Lawrence Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury under Clinton and director, until late 2010, of Obama’s National Economic Council, was in hot water during the early days of 1992. A memo he reportedly wrote, and certainly endorsed with his signature,... Continue Reading →

Food as a Basic Human Right

Everybody eats. Well… shall I say, everyone needs to eat… and I would go as far as to proclaim that everyone has the right to eat. You see, hunger is a complicated and problematic issue no matter the angle from... Continue Reading →

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