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Places of Transformation–Standing with Muslims during Lent

The Women of Xavier's Muslim Community celebrating Eid.  It was a blessing to celebrate with them, warmly welcomed into community no matter our differences. Lent.  A time of self-examination and reflection. A time for us to remember Christ’s time in... Continue Reading →

A little Buddha with your Baby Jesus this Christmas

I’m finally able to take a deep sigh of relief, finals are over! I can breathe without the backpack that I carry weighing me down with what feels like fifty tons worth of books. I’m able to sleep again and... Continue Reading →

The Problem of Religious Illiteracy

This post is an excerpt from “Religious Illiteracy—A Silent Ignorance and a Possible Cure”, an essay that won a first place award for argument in the 2012-2013 100s Essay Contest. If you were to ask one hundred Americans about the... Continue Reading →

Go ahead, be Jewish the way you want.

Go ahead, be Jewish the way you want. This was the subtitle of the haggadah that lead us through storytelling, remembering, praying and reflecting Tuesday night.  Of course, I particularly got a kick out of the subtitle because, well, I... Continue Reading →

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