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No Greater Hope

Finding hope in the words, "Kellie, I love you." Kellie Goff is a senior Theology and Communications major from sunny Southern California.

Room for Jesus in Popular Culture?

Popular culture clouds our ability to embrace Lent’s message of living more Christ like lives. by Breanna Lynch and Jimmy McLean A lot of Christians don’t think about why Lent is a thing. They know it is a thing, they... Continue Reading →

Worship in Mass and Adoration

To Worship a sense the object of Christian life on earth, in many ways an unattainable objective.  But nevertheless, one worth reaching for!  God’s infinite presence and goodness is surely deserving of our reverence and adoration, especially as we... Continue Reading →

A Love Stronger than Death

If you’re a fan of long church services, it’s likely you’ve had a very good couple of weeks. I have been attending the “Big Three” triad of Roman Catholic Holy Week services for a number of years now – meaning... Continue Reading →

When THE story becomes OUR story

I’ll never forget the day.  It was a blustery January afternoon in 2011.  Maura and I punched the elevator button for the floor of her doctor’s office, and as the doors closed we smiled at each other with giddy excitement. ... Continue Reading →

Why Did Jesus Die?

One of the many things that we need to do during Lent – besides growing personally in freedom from our many inordinate attachments – is to deepen our understanding of the death and resurrection of Jesus. In addition to the... Continue Reading →

Confronted by the Call for Economic Justice

Can you go home again?  Can you go away, grow, re-make who you are, and go home again? The whispers from people who thought they knew you; the sideways glances as people try to figure out if they recognize you. ... Continue Reading →

Is God just?

“What do I owe you?” I asked the mechanic after he worked his magic under the hood of my car—a place largely foreign and mysterious to me. I didn’t expect his reply: “Don’t worry about it.” I was grateful, of... Continue Reading →

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