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Spirituality Found in Unlikely Places

Street Roots surely had been an unexpected place for me to find spiritual teachers, and even become a spiritual home of sorts. It is not a religious affiliated organization outside of having a JV there. I would even go so... Continue Reading →

Transformed Inside

I went to love, But was loved every day. I went to educate, But learned more than I ever knew. I went to listen, But was heard for the first time. I went to patch wounds, But left restored. I... Continue Reading →

Moving On

Above: the city of Oakland--downtown, West Oakland and the Port As I think back to the beginning of my first year at Xavier, I mentally travel back to a time in my life full of uncertainty. I had to move... Continue Reading →

To See Great Wonders

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. For the greater glory of God… Magis. The more… Ruined for life… Men and women for and with others… Educating the whole person… The number of times I heard these phrases during my four years of... Continue Reading →

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