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Hope Is Not Blind

  Watch this short video clip before continuing. “Wake up,” says a frustrated Dre Johnson to his wife Rainbow. “Don’t you get it, Bo? The system is rigged against us.” “Maybe it is, Dre! But I don’t want to feel like... Continue Reading →

Improve The Earth With Sacrifice

Lent is about sacrifices. I think. I don't know for sure, I'm not Catholic. I'm technically not even Christian. I identify as agnostic. But I have been attending Catholic schools since the sixth grade, so I know a thing or... Continue Reading →

Insecurity About Food Security

The invitation to write on the topic of food security for this year’s CFJ Lenten blog led to me feeling… well, quite insecure. While I readily comment on the injustices connected to the modern food industry in the United States... Continue Reading →

A Picture of Inequality

Yesterday, the old Drop Inn Center building was demolished. The Drop – now under the “Shelterhouse” brand – was Cincinnati’s largest homeless shelter for decades. But it was also more than that. The Drop Inn Center was the heart of... Continue Reading →

Class or Caste: The American Tradition

Before our formal conception in 1776, America established itself as a system of economic caste while upholding the hypocritical, theoretic language of a socially mobile class system. White patriarchs began building America’s economic system long before a formalized constitution. Driven... Continue Reading →

Thoughts On Race

Good Evening everyone and thank you for inviting me to share my experience with you all today. I count it as a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of this event. I want to begin this discussion by... Continue Reading →

A Room Full of Soap Bubbles

This year has brought an explosion of race-related issues and tensions to the surface in the United States. Yet what may be most “shocking” or “new” or “newsworthy” about these issues and tensions is precisely their not new-ness. The systematic... Continue Reading →

An Immigration Story

Being an undocumented immigrant comes with a myriad of challenges and uncertainties that are sometimes too much to handle. The struggles are very real. In fact, so real that I can’t plan my future too far in advance because I... Continue Reading →

Men and Women For and With Immigrants

In 2016, we live in a world filled with fear, misunderstanding, and unknowing when it comes to dealing with the wide reaching issues of immigration, whether it comes from our own local or national politicians or from conversation with our... Continue Reading →

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