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Christmas Friends

Christmas is all about the love. And friends can show us that love in so many ways. Mallory Williams is a sophomore Digital Media and Advertising major from California. She is a member of the Common Ground Team.

The Heart of Christmas

Tyler Norris is a sophomore Theology & Psychology major from Toledo, Ohio. He is the Common Ground Music Squad captain, so he has quite a few opinions about music.

No Greater Hope

Finding hope in the words, "Kellie, I love you." Kellie Goff is a senior Theology and Communications major from sunny Southern California.

Do you really mean everyone?

2016 has been quite a year. Some say it has overstayed its welcome. In the midst of all of it... how do we really love all? This was made as a group reflection with members of the Common Ground Team. In... Continue Reading →

Love all and give while doing it

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Teresa Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Snow is falling, Christmas lights add some cheer to the nightlife of campus, and there are many... Continue Reading →

Love All: Let Them Breathe

An Advent Conspiracy?  Count me in!  If you’re just tuning in, all you need to know is that each week’s theme is brilliantly simple: Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, and Love All.  That’s how we can make Advent and... Continue Reading →

Learning From Young and Old

Spending a year doing post-graduate service is choosing to live in a way that counters cultural norms. As a Jesuit Volunteer (JV), I live in community with three other JVs. Each of us works at different social service agencies serving... Continue Reading →

Lifting Up Ferguson

This prayer was used at last night's Common Ground service as they reflected on the events of Ferguson, Missouri. O God of Justice, throughout the generations, you have called our attention to what is wrong among us. You have sent... Continue Reading →

This was originally written for the newsletter for Lydia's House, a home of hospitality in the tradition of the Catholic Worker, that just opened this spring in Norwood.  Check out their website for ways to get involved.  The CFJ sponsored... Continue Reading →

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