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Having More to Give

Give more sounds like a simple and direct call to action, a catchy magis slogan. The magis can be loosely defined as living greater, being more, continuous quality improvement, etc. Theologically, the Ignatian concept of the magis means pursuing what... Continue Reading →

When Values and Vocation intersect

This reflection was submitted to apply for the Magis society. Originally separate essays, we edited them together so you could get a full sense of Nick's story. The picture above is from Community Action Day, a program where Nick served... Continue Reading →

Worth It

In high school, it was a service trip to Harlan County, KY that helped me know, that despite my poor self-image, I was worth it. I had potential. My opinions mattered. I realized that no matter what I ended up... Continue Reading →

Calling All College Grads

(The following is based on Greg Carpinello’s remarks at the Magis Society Induction Dinner for the Class of 2013 at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 5th, 2013.) The world needs you. The world needs you.  Not to be... Continue Reading →

Changes in Practice: Reflections on the last four years

This is a portion of the essay submitted to join the Magis Society by one of this year’s winners of the Dorothy Day Award. As a cradle Catholic, important practices of my faith include Communion, Mass, and prayer. Of course,... Continue Reading →

What goes Unearned

This is a portion of the essay submitted to join the Magis Society by one of this year's winners of the Dorothy Day Award. La Chureca. The name itself always sounded sinister to me, as if it suggested the misery... Continue Reading →

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