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Changes in Practice: Reflections on the last four years

This is a portion of the essay submitted to join the Magis Society by one of this year’s winners of the Dorothy Day Award. As a cradle Catholic, important practices of my faith include Communion, Mass, and prayer. Of course,... Continue Reading →

A Love Stronger than Death

If you’re a fan of long church services, it’s likely you’ve had a very good couple of weeks. I have been attending the “Big Three” triad of Roman Catholic Holy Week services for a number of years now – meaning... Continue Reading →

Spend a Little Less and Love a Whole Lot More

I have a goal this holiday season: to spend less. That probably sounds a little shallow, so let me explain. It’s more than just being a severely indebted work study student who barely has time to shower, much less get... Continue Reading →

Worship Fully: The Gift of Life

Advent is all about hope and anticipation of “the coming.” In its finest form, it looks beyond consumerism—not focused on “the coming” of the new iPad Mini, or your anticipation of unwrapping your new underpants (don’t lie—you know you get... Continue Reading →

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