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Prayer as Common Ground

Below is a sermon that Dr. Sarah Melcher shared at a common ground gathering The passage from 1 Timothy chapter 2 recommends numerous kinds of prayers:  supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings. All of these certainly have something to recommend them,... Continue Reading →

Thoughts from a ways down the road

In the 8 years since I left Xavier, I’ve ministered to youth at a retreat center, lived in rural Minnesota promoting awareness about suicide and depression, worked for an urban after school tutoring program and counseled high school students.  During... Continue Reading →

Changes in Practice: Reflections on the last four years

This is a portion of the essay submitted to join the Magis Society by one of this year’s winners of the Dorothy Day Award. As a cradle Catholic, important practices of my faith include Communion, Mass, and prayer. Of course,... Continue Reading →

Spending Less to find Something More

My grandma and Jesuit priests have something in common: they love Saint Ignatius of Loyola, and for obvious reasons. The man founded the Jesuit order with his companions, Saint Xavier and Peter Faber, and he is the epitome of forgiveness... Continue Reading →

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