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Principles for Holiness

Ever wonder why Leviticus matters now? Rev. Dr. Sarah Melcher shares a reflection.  This sermon was preached at Common Ground, Xavier's ecumenical worship service. She returns to preach again, Sunday, March 30th at 8 pm in the Clock Tower Lounge.... Continue Reading →

“Looking Like Trees and Walking”: Stumbling Together toward Racial Justice

One of the most compelling scenes in the Gospels is the miracle that did not “take” the first time: Jesus’s healing of the blind man of Bethsaida. (Mk. 8:23-24) Putting spittle on his eyes, Jesus laid his hands on him... Continue Reading →

Fasting and Dieting

This post was originally published March 3rd, 2014 on the liturgical blog PrayTell, where Professor Belcher is a regular contributor. It is reprinted here by permission. We often think of the Lenten fast on analogy with physical disciplines of diet and exercise,... Continue Reading →

What goes Unearned

This is a portion of the essay submitted to join the Magis Society by one of this year's winners of the Dorothy Day Award. La Chureca. The name itself always sounded sinister to me, as if it suggested the misery... Continue Reading →

When THE story becomes OUR story

I’ll never forget the day.  It was a blustery January afternoon in 2011.  Maura and I punched the elevator button for the floor of her doctor’s office, and as the doors closed we smiled at each other with giddy excitement. ... Continue Reading →

Is God just?

“What do I owe you?” I asked the mechanic after he worked his magic under the hood of my car—a place largely foreign and mysterious to me. I didn’t expect his reply: “Don’t worry about it.” I was grateful, of... Continue Reading →

love all because the story is not over

  “For God so loved the world…” – John 3:16   The foundation of this season is love—the love that created this crazy place we know as the world, the love that formed each of us into the people we... Continue Reading →

Love All: Repeat

As a theology major, I spent a good amount of time this past semester pondering the inadequacy of language when it comes to talking about God. As soon as I say one thing about God, I have to, in a... Continue Reading →

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