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Women’s Right

Inspiring Peace and Social Change: Miriam’s Story

This blog posted was originally posted on the Heshima Kenya Heshima Highlights blog on Feb. 23rd 2012. Miriam came to Heshima Kenya in 2009 after living with abusive host families in the slums of Kawangware, located just outside of Nairobi.... Continue Reading →

There is no Nice Answer

When I was in eighth grade, my writing teacher taught us the importance of “bringing things full circle.” She was talking about the art of relating the end of a piece back to the beginning, tying things up nicely, leaving... Continue Reading →

Helping the Rights of Women is something we can all work for

Women continue to be oppressed in various different ways all over the world. Ways that are unfathomable to some of us because of the communities we have grown up in. Lucky!!! Imagine if you found out you could not go... Continue Reading →

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