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Worship Fully

The Year of Mercy

One of the things I love about the Advent and Christmas season is the music.  How can one ever tire of hearing the ancient tune “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” or the many jubilant hymns such as “Joy to the... Continue Reading →

Advent Challenge to Worship Fully

“Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.” If you’ve ever been to a Catholic Mass, those words sound all too familiar.  They are the words the priest or deacon says to dismiss the congregation right before the closing... Continue Reading →

The Secret Recipe to Let This Advent Be Big

About a week ago I got so excited and uncontrollably started to bullet point what I want for Christmas, searching on Amazon deals...the whole sha-bang! It began on a little sticky note, and has grown onto this very detailed Word... Continue Reading →

Worship Fully: Body, Mind and Spirit

To worship fully means to fully use my being (body, mind, and spirit) in order to worship. To worship fully, I must use my body. I worship fully when my hands and feet act upon what my ears hear at... Continue Reading →

To Worship our Human Sacredness

Sitting on the wall above my desk are five items. Three Icons: Christ of Maryknoll, Dorothy Day, and Thomas Merton. A ceramic depiction of the sanskrit word OM. And finally a quote which reads: A young Buddhist teacher in a... Continue Reading →

Worship in Mass and Adoration

To Worship a sense the object of Christian life on earth, in many ways an unattainable objective.  But nevertheless, one worth reaching for!  God’s infinite presence and goodness is surely deserving of our reverence and adoration, especially as we... Continue Reading →

Seek and Find

Bag of chips=$2, pizza from Subway=$6, new glasses=$150, relationship with God=PRICELESS. In the consumer world we live in, there seems to be a price tag on everything from cars to hair brushes. All in the world around us worth is... Continue Reading →

A multi-faith spiritualist speaks on the worldly worship of God

Those who do their daily work, create (net) value and serve others engage in worldly worship of God. Worship of God is not a reclusive chanting of mantras in praise of God, whatever be one’s faith, but is an active... Continue Reading →

Worship Fully: A Season for Openness

“Confused and disturbed, Mary tried to think what the angel could mean.” Confused and disturbed. This is the Mary that I can relate to. Mary’s encounter with the angel had to be both terrifying and exciting, wonderful and awful, challenging... Continue Reading →

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