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Lifting Up Ferguson

This prayer was used at last night's Common Ground service as they reflected on the events of Ferguson, Missouri. O God of Justice, throughout the generations, you have called our attention to what is wrong among us. You have sent... Continue Reading →

Principles for Holiness

Ever wonder why Leviticus matters now? Rev. Dr. Sarah Melcher shares a reflection.  This sermon was preached at Common Ground, Xavier's ecumenical worship service. She returns to preach again, Sunday, March 30th at 8 pm in the Clock Tower Lounge.... Continue Reading →

Give the gift of ‘More’

  Many faith traditions celebrate a holiday season which includes the giving of gifts.  For the Christian tradition that season is, of course, Christmas.  The word Christmas is from the old English meaning “Christ’s Mass” and is a time for... Continue Reading →

Worship in Mass and Adoration

To Worship a sense the object of Christian life on earth, in many ways an unattainable objective.  But nevertheless, one worth reaching for!  God’s infinite presence and goodness is surely deserving of our reverence and adoration, especially as we... Continue Reading →

Seek and Find

Bag of chips=$2, pizza from Subway=$6, new glasses=$150, relationship with God=PRICELESS. In the consumer world we live in, there seems to be a price tag on everything from cars to hair brushes. All in the world around us worth is... Continue Reading →

Prayer as Common Ground

Below is a sermon that Dr. Sarah Melcher shared at a common ground gathering The passage from 1 Timothy chapter 2 recommends numerous kinds of prayers:  supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings. All of these certainly have something to recommend them,... Continue Reading →

A multi-faith spiritualist speaks on the worldly worship of God

Those who do their daily work, create (net) value and serve others engage in worldly worship of God. Worship of God is not a reclusive chanting of mantras in praise of God, whatever be one’s faith, but is an active... Continue Reading →

Worshiping Fully in the Presence of Others

It is only fitting that I have been given the opportunity to contemplate the idea of worshiping fully during the Advent season. When I reflected on spending less, giving more, and loving all during the Advent season my mind spun... Continue Reading →

Worship Fully: A Season for Openness

“Confused and disturbed, Mary tried to think what the angel could mean.” Confused and disturbed. This is the Mary that I can relate to. Mary’s encounter with the angel had to be both terrifying and exciting, wonderful and awful, challenging... Continue Reading →

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