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Learning From Young and Old

Spending a year doing post-graduate service is choosing to live in a way that counters cultural norms. As a Jesuit Volunteer (JV), I live in community with three other JVs. Each of us works at different social service agencies serving... Continue Reading →

Common Reading Experience from a First Year

Every year, the incoming first years read a book as part of the Common Reading Experience.  As a member of the class of 2018, I had the privilege of reading Tattoos on the Heart by Father Gregory Boyle.  To be... Continue Reading →

Sitting Together as Friends

  If you are interested in the issues surrounding incarceration, join us on campus to hear from Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ about his ministry, Homeboy Industries, in LA.  He will be speaking at Bellarmine Chapel on Thursday, October 2nd at... Continue Reading →

Lifting Up Ferguson

This prayer was used at last night's Common Ground service as they reflected on the events of Ferguson, Missouri. O God of Justice, throughout the generations, you have called our attention to what is wrong among us. You have sent... Continue Reading →

This was originally written for the newsletter for Lydia's House, a home of hospitality in the tradition of the Catholic Worker, that just opened this spring in Norwood.  Check out their website for ways to get involved.  The CFJ sponsored... Continue Reading →

Hope and Courage for the Future Alumni. I never thought I wouldn’t like that word, but when the speaker at graduation started throwing that word around my eyes filled with tears. Thoughts like “I’m not ready to go.’ ‘I don’t want to leave this wonderful... Continue Reading →

Principles for Holiness

Ever wonder why Leviticus matters now? Rev. Dr. Sarah Melcher shares a reflection.  This sermon was preached at Common Ground, Xavier's ecumenical worship service. She returns to preach again, Sunday, March 30th at 8 pm in the Clock Tower Lounge.... Continue Reading →

What if………..?

  If I sit here and think about “Women’s Rights” I almost instantly feel my mind going in a million different directions. I think about what I believe most people would think-suffrage, abortion, employment, childcare, intimate partner violence, human trafficking... Continue Reading →

The “F” Word: Redefining Feminism

  I am a feminist. I don’t hate men or burn my bra or refuse to shave my legs (though sometimes I’d like to). I believe in equality, regardless of your gender. It should be that simple, but for some... Continue Reading →

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